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First Responders

Every once in a while, a real barnburner shot comes along- big idea, big cast, lights, cameras, and lots of action. The image was a cover portrait of the Los Angeles Fire Chief and city […]

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Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire. Appropriate name for the Valley Of Fire in southern Nevada. Whoever named this country was definitely there when I was. Edward Abbey spoke of the summer sun “raging down from on high.” […]

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Pumped up Kicks

Get Your Kicks! Route 66 – just say the word, and — instant recognition. Even if they haven’t been, people know the story, or at least the song. So much so, that over the years […]

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Dance Fever

Final Jeopardy question: “It’s the oldest public festival in North America” Answer: What is the Indian PowWow! Amazing. Who knew? In fact, Pow Wow gatherings have been around in one form or another for 300 […]

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